Are you ready to be strong and look good naked?



What We Do

Make You Look Good Naked'

You only have one body in this world, life is better if you are happy with it.


There is no such thing as a wrong goal. There are true goals and there are goals we take on because they sound right. Being "fit" or "healthy" sound correct but what do they really mean?

StrengthQueens is here to empower and inform you to achieve the deep rooted goals you have. To wake up every day look in the mirror and say, "Dang, I look good!"

No more uncomfortable waist bands. No more fearing a dress. And no more stick skinny arms and butts. Your fitness is about you, and we bet you want to look and feel amazing.

How We Do It

Everything is About You'

StrengthQueens content is organized to meet you at the level that you are at.

StrengthQueens coaching is personalized to fit only you.

No More Confusion. No More Worries.

The Site:
All of the articles, videos, and books here at StrengthQueens are organized by fitness level. This way you can focus on information that is relevant to YOU.

You don't have to worry about if a certain move is too advanced for you as you get started. At the same time, if you have been doing this for years we won't bog you down with things you mastered long ago.

Who We Are

Alex Judson & Amanda Marie'

We are coaches. We are competitors.

And we want to be your overly enthusiastic best friends in fitness.

Alex Judson - A national level competitive powerlifter and personal trainer, Alex is the head Strength and Conditioning coach at StrengthQueens.

Amanda Marie - A future doctor, certified health coach, and physique competitor, Amanda is the lead Nutritional coach at StrengthQueens.

BUT THATS JUST THE START - StrengthQueens is a movement empowering women to seek the bodies they want, and feel the strength they have. Who we are is a community of badass women, pushing each other to be the best.