Our Mission

The mission here at StrengthQueens is quite simple.
StrengthQueens is here to educate, empower, and unite women.
EDUCATE – In the article section you will find quality information. You will find articles by a multitude of expert authors. Topics of all kinds are at your fingertips broken into three main categories.
  1. Training (Strength Training, Cardio, Workouts, Exercise Demos etc.)
  2. Nutrition (Recipes, Strategies Q & A’s etc.)
  3. Heart and Mind (Stories, Mental Strategies, and everything to do with building your inner strength)

Our articles are written using methods backed by scientific research and suggestions backed by real world results. They are organized by level (Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced) as well as by category so you never waste time. Our authors weed out the extraneous and irrelevant crap, synthesize the most useful methods and research, to provide you with a cohesive and focused resource. 

You will have information that is written for your specific level. You don’t have to worry about reading a thousand different things because our content is designed to walk you step-by-step to your goal. Best of all, we don’t pretend that every woman is the same. We don’t pretend the girl who just walked in for the first time needs the same info as the girl who has been lifting weights since she could walk. We want you to read info that will help you take your next step right now.

EMPOWER – Too much of the fitness world revolves around outdated ideas and a mentality of deprivation and shame. Here that S*** is not tolerated.

Fitness does not have to revolve around suffering. You are here to thrive and we want you to love the process of reaching your goals.

Exercise is about feeling good, not about misery. This is not a bootcamp, our coaches are not drill sergeants. This is a group of women who have grown to love their exercise and learned to love their bodies. Does everyone start out confident and joyous? OF COURSE NOT. Thats why we are here. We want to encourage and raise you up. We want to help show you how awesome you are.

Over and over the women of our community go from a place of fear and dejection to a place of thrilling success. Your body is yours to celebrate and to treasure. We are here to make sure you have the tools to do so.

UNITE – Where individuals may waver, community stays strong.

One of the most important goals we hold here is to let you know that you are not alone.

New worlds of fitness can be terrifying. The level of emotional investment we place in our bodies and our health are second to none. Anyone who denies how scary working on your own body can be has never done it. We don’t minimize the emotional aspects, we embrace them.

Get scared! Then take a leap! Our community is here to catch and support you.

Time and again our coaches hear from new clients that no one in their life really gets it. The social support network may not be there in your day-to-day life. THATS FINE. We have your back.

Through our mailing lists, our Facebook pages, and our team of StrengthQueens you will know every single day that you are not alone.

You will make friends across the country. You may get a recipe from a girl you never meet in person, but who shares your journey.  Your question about how to do some funky exercise Coach Alex made up might be answered by three other girls who have to deal with the same thing!

And when you wonder if you can actually achieve what you set out to do… that’s when you will have your team there to hear your fear, and remind you that

hell yes you can.

So What Is a StrengthQueen Anyway?

StrengthQueens are the women in the gym who “get it.” They feel comfortable enough in the gym —and in their own skin— to workout in a way that stops wasting time, and instead gets them results.


Just by visiting this site, you are taking the first step towards becoming a StrengthQueen.

  • You are taking the first step towards not being afraid of your workouts.
  • You are taking the first step towards understanding your body, and feeling good about how you look and feel! (Imagine what that will feel like!)

StrengthQueens come in different shapes and sizes. It is not necessarily about looking like a barbie doll, (unless that’s the look you like). It’s about you looking and feeling your own personal best. It is about shifting your exercise program from a magazine cutout, to a more authentic plan. A plan that helps you love who you see looking back at you from a mirror.

You will find StrengthQueens in many different walks of life. It has nothing to do with where you are from. It has everything to do with where you are going.

StrengthQueens are:

  • Students
  • Doctors
  • Tax accountants
  • Lawyers
  • Coffee shop baristas
  • Stay-at-home moms
  • Single moms who barely have time to breathe

Most importantly, being a StrengthQueen is about adopting the attitude of an empowered woman. A woman who wants to Get Stronger and Look Good Naked…for herself first!

Strengthqueens are defined not so much by what they do, as what they don’t do.

Strengthqueens are not:
1. Afraid of learning something new in the gym
2. Starving themselves on the same calorie levels they were eating in 3rd grade
3. Dealing with nagging injuries from repeating the same exercise every day
4. Intimidated by learning a new skill to better their body
5. Bored to tears on the elliptical every single workout (Seriously, get off! Lets go!!)
Because strengthqueens know how to really workout for maximum results. I don’t mean the “8 minute abs” kind of workout, I mean show up, kick ass, and get out, there’s life to live.
Strengthqueens have:
1. The knowledge of what to avoid in the gym and what to embrace at the dinner table
2. Workouts that make them feel good at the end of the day
3. Fun with their exercise and nutrition
At the end of the day, StrengthQueens are strong, and they look damn good naked.
And we want you to join the movement.
If this sounds like something that may be for you…
If joining a group of women pushing for a better way for women to workout sounds like something you may want in on…
If you are sick and tired of being told what you can’t do and you want to hear what you can do…
Well then we would be damn excited to have you join us. 
To make sure you get started in the right way head to the home page (link below) and click on the bucket that best describes your current level. Its time to go StrengthQueen.