So you want to do a competition? Welcome to Team StrengthQueens.



Team StrengthQueens client Kelsie decided she wanted to try a show. How did she do? Second place, barely missing her pro card on her first competition ever! 




Team StrengthQueens is your solution to the world of competition prep. Whether you are entering your first show ever, or you are a seasoned competitor who wants to take a new look at your physique. If you are looking to step on-stage you are in the right place. The over-arching vision of Team StrengthQueens is simple:

Competition preparation must be held to a higher standard. 


Some of the all too frequent occurrences in the world of competition prep include:

  • Metabolisms ruined by un-called for deprivation, and dangerously low calories.
  • Copy and Paste diet plans of, “Tilapia and Asparagus”……for breakfast!
  • Dangerous dehydration techniques.
  • Training plans ripped out of magazines asking for ‘3 sets of 10 on every exercise ever’ …please.
  • Boring, well, everything. Meals, Cardio, Training.
  • A lack of scientific research or professional qualification.
  • A general lack of giving a s*** about YOU the human behind the competitor. Your health, sanity, or individuality.


Team StrengthQueens Sponsored athlete Brianna four days from stepping on stage. Brianna spent her prep lifting heavy, performing minimal cardio, flexible eating and ZERO dangerous starvation or dehydration the day of the show. 

“Joining Team StrengthQueens was the BEST decision I could have made for my first bikini competition. Alex and Amanda provided stellar plans (hello heavy lifting), amazing nutritional guidance (no bro diets or starvation here), and had the best comprehensive plan to make sure I was ready to rock my show!” – Brianna 


Team StrengthQueens is different.

We hold your competition preparation to a higher standard.

Team StrengthQueens coaching includes:

  • A full individual assessment, so we know YOU. Your needs, your goals, your limitations, and how we can best support you.
  • Individualized nutritional planning with specific macros calculated for YOU.
    • Nutritional plans are adjusted on a weekly basis based on your progress. Your plan will match your metabolism, your daily output and your goals.
  • Comprehensive exercise programming – The death of magazine workouts!
    • Exercise programming will be based on your goals, your current strength, training levels, and your available equipment. Your cardio plan will match your workouts, diet, and schedule.
  • Group and Individual support – You have not one, but two coaches to answer questions and support you. In addition you will gain access to team support from our growing community!
  • All encompassing support and guidance – and we mean ALL.
    • Guidance on tranisitioning from loose or unplanned eating to targeted and intentional eating
    • Guidance on how to take care of the details from buying your suit, to your tan, to what you eat the day of the show
    • Guidance on your “whats next” goal setting after your show and a transition to a post competition reverse diet
  • Your long-term progress and health are paramount. All plans and coaching include a specific, individual “reverse” diet. This way you come out of your competition and the weeks following it better than ever, with a healthy metabolism and a body that is well cared for.

The truth is at Team StrengthQueens we want you to succeed. We want you to bring your absolute best to your competition. We want you to enjoy the process. And we want you to continue to improve and succeed even after you leave the stage!

Team StrengthQueens Athlete Ana knows what it feels like to take home hardware from your first show!


Team StrengthQueens athlete Ana knows what it feels like to take home hardware from your first show! 


If you are interested in competition prep with Team StrengthQueens please fill out the form below so that we can reach out and discuss your plans!

**We will not begin a prep if we believe it would be dangerous for your health**