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Welcome To Strength Queens

Welcome To Strength Queens

You’re in the right place if:

  •  You feel nervous about engaging in an exercise program, especially with weight training.
  •  You are not exactly sure where to start or what you want to achieve.
  •  You are feeling overwhelmed by the all the conflicting information in magazines and online.
  • You just want a simple step-by-step way to start on your fitness journey (see below!)
  • You are ready for change!
Download Your Free Guide

Your Guide

Download Your Free Guide

In the StrengthQueens Beginners Guide You Will:

  1. Learn whether or not you should be in the weight room.
  2. Learn about the biggest diet fallacy in women’s fitness.
  3. Learn which types of cardiovascular exercise are worth your time.
  4. Learn when its safe to “push the envelope.”
  5. Learn how to structure your workouts for the best effect.

Click the “Get Started” button below the stories of other girls just like you to download your copy of The Five Mistakes StrengthQueens Never Make.


Meet Rebecca

Success Stories

Meet Rebecca

When Rebecca started with Team StrengthQueens she could count on 1 hand the number of times she had been in the weight room. Coming from a history of long-distance running Becca was frustrated with the way she looked and felt.

By engaging with StrengthQueens programming and Becca not only transformed the way her body looked but she gained a new escape and level of confidence.

Not only has Becca lost weight, she has set and achieved some remarkable goals in the weight room.  More and more, Becca’s story has inspired those around her to change their own lives.