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Welcome To StrengthQueens

You’re in the right place if:

  • You do, or have in the past, engaged in resistance training.
  • Are comfortable working with more complex compound movements like Squats, Deadlifts, and Overhead Pressing.
  • Have a sense of what Macronutrients are, or in some way are currently tracking and adjusting your nutrition.
  • You are are ready to take your workouts and your nutrition to the next level.
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Step It Up!

Subscribe Below to Upgrade Your Fitness

“Everything works, but nothing works forever”

As you grow in your fitness journey, we all hit a wall. We all find a spot where the things that used to work, no longer seem to. As you reach that point, this is where StrengthQueens comes in.

In your free guide below you will learn seven powerful exercise variations you may not be using to kickstart your progress again.

Additionally, the articles, quick tips, and emails you will receive by subscribing below will :

  1. Make sure you keep integrating new techniques and exercises
  2. Revisit and refine parts of your workout you already feel comfortable with
  3. Help you stay on track with motivational challenges, recipes, community support, and more.
Meet Katy

Success Stories

Meet Katy

Katy began with StrengthQueens with the intention of helping get her body back after some shifts occurred having multiple children. While Katy was by no means “unfit” she was looking for more.

During her work with Team StrengthQueens, Katy stepped up on both the sides of Nutrition and Workouts, sticking faithfully to her plan as it progressed further and further.

“As a person who knew a lot about fitness and weights, I am so thankful to have partnered with Team Strength Queens. I have learned so much more about fitness and nutrition that have made a tremendous impact on my health and body composition.” – Katy Hastings