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Lifestyle coaching is just that. Team StrengthQueens coaching for you, the real woman who wants to look amazing naked, feel great, and feel empowered in your workouts. We work with clients of every level; from women who have never set foot in a gym to competitive lifters and models. You will have access to a tremendous amount of information, recieve workouts written for your specific goals and situation, and learn how to take control of your nutrition and your lifestyle!

Real Girls - Real Results

Rebecca Wood'

Becca started with Team StrengthQueens feeling frustrated, nervous, and un-sure.

"I had never stepped foot in a weight room before joining StrengthQueens, but Alex took away any fear or nerves I had as he walked me through my early workouts. No question went unanswered, and he gave me the skills, encouragement and confidence I needed from the very beginning. Now the weight room is a place of pure joy for me, where I go to push myself and feel good about my body and become stronger than I ever thought possible."

- Rebecca Wood

Yes. You. Can.

Brianna Beckstrand'

Team StrengthQueens has been lucky to coach Brianna through her incredible journey from unfit, to fit, to competition fit badass!

"Alex and Amanda have completely reshaped my mentality about working out, health/nutrition, and how I feel about my body. They put into practice everything they know, leave no detail to chance, and have been involved every step of the way. I'm eating WAY more, doing LESS cardio, and seeing ridiculously amazing results. If you want to be strong, confident, and look good naked, then TSQ is your answer!"

- Brianna Beckstrand

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3. When you have submitted your assessment, and pictures (part of the assessment) your coaches Amanda, and Alex will get to work putting together your personalized training, cardio and nutritional plan. *Note* We may email you with follow up questions to make sure we fully understand your needs/situation.

4. Let the awesomeness begin! You will have access to our full team of girls on Facebook for support, email support for any and all questions, video review of movements and Bi-Weekly check ins to keep you on track.


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